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Minky Eco Wipes

All I can these are awesome! So all you veteran parents out there know when you try to wipe your child nose or booboos they pull away because wipes are cold and they just dont feel good....well these MINKY eco wipes are great for bashing boogies and cleaning up booboos! This will feel like a blankie touching your child skin. When they are dirty, throw them in the wash with your kiddos other clothes and then back in your bag!
These are also AWESOME to wet, throw in your freezer, and use on booboos or as a chilled towel when your little one has a fever.
We have over 50 minky fabrics to choose from so check out our swatch page, make a list of your favorite fabrics, and enter them at checkout.
Minky ECO wipes are available in 2 sizes.
5"x5" & 8"x8"
Minky ECO Wipes are sold in sets. You get 5 wipes in each purchase.