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Green Camo, Orange, Minky, Infant Replacement Car Seat Cover

This is a beautiful Replacement infant Car Seat cover made with only the finest fabrics. You design what color fabrics you want where, or order as is.

We make our covers specifically to your car seat. Its not safe to use a "universal" pattern on car seats. When car seats are tested by the manufacture, they are tested with the original covers on them. If you are purchasing any replacement cover you want it to fit identical to the original cover for your childs safety.

These are nicely padded replacement covers that will be more comfortable for your child than the cover that came with the seat. All seat belt holes are reinforced to prevent any fraying or wear and tear on your cover. These covers are made to last. After your little one grows out of it, we can assure you that this is definitely a hand me down due to the quality.

To order as is, click our listing. Please make sure to put car seat brand in notes at checkout. Please also state any custom details I need to know.

Toddler car seat covers are also available.

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