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We offer several size blankets. Please review descriptions below, pick your favorite fabrics, then click to order below:

14"x14" - Security blanket. This is a small blanket that is perfect for newborn - 1 yr. Infants love the size of this blanket. They can hold onto it, teeth on it, and cuddle by rubbing on their face. Also can be used as a burp cloth. It may seem small but as a mother of two, this was my favorite size blanket for their first year.

20"x20" - Security blanket. (This medium sized blanket has similar uses to the blanket above. Great to have through the toddler years. Your little one can carry this "woobie" around without tripping on it. It's the perfect starter blankie.

30"x30" - Stroller blanket. This blanket can be used to swaddle. This blanket is the standard size for most receiveing blankets.

30x36" Standard Blanket  - Slightly bigger than our 30x30. This blanket can only be ordered through our "create your own minky blanket" link.

30x36 blanket with satin ruffle or binding  - the most popular blanket size. Perfect for any shower gift. This blanket can only be ordered under our custom link.

40"x60" - Crib Blanket. This blanket is slightly larger than your standard crib comforter or toddler comforter.

60"x72" - Adult Throw  This is the perfect size blanket for any one who loves to cuddle. This will cover a full size bed. Minky on both sides. This blanket includes a cording binding or ruffle around the edges at no additional fee.

We do embroidery! For a small fee, we offer personalization to your  blankie! When ordering your blankie, you will have the option to say YES! You want embroidery, then before paying, go to our embroidery section and enter the details for your blanket.